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Clearer Perspectives strives to deliver services that help clients achieve their desired outcomes. Services are designed to support the wide array of client needs and we continuously innovate.

Individual & Family:

1-1 sessions
Provide help and support (Counselling or Coaching) for individuals with Neurodiversity (Autism Spectrum, Asperger Syndrome, Adhd).


Counselling support for Neurotypicals (particularly those living with people on the autism spectrum and with Adhd)

Couple Counselling
Couple work where one (or both) partners are Neurodiverse .
Family Counselling
Family counseling where one or more members of the family are Neurodiverse



Book club
for adults with Asperger Syndrome. An opportunity to learn more about ‘oneself’ and about ‘others’ through discussing literature.
Social Understanding and Communication;
for adults on the autism spectrum (Asperger Syndrome). To build knowledge and social skills.
Social groups;
for adults with Asperger Syndrome. The group members engage in social activities in a safe and supportive environment (e.g. visiting speakers, restaurant & bowling) building confidence.
Woman’s Forum
for females diagnosed or identifying as being on the autism spectrum. A forum to explore the impact of autism on their lives.
Writing group
for adults with Asperger Syndrome to express themselves through the written word.
Neurodiverse Therapeutic Group
to share and explore issues, differences and challenges with “likeminded” individuals.
Empowering Group;
to enable and empower neurodiverse individuals to self-advocate and more effectively express themselves and their needs.
Parenting on the Autism Spectrum;
to explore the best ways to parent people with neurodiversity


Training and Consultancy:

Awareness training and workshops;
Providing Autism and Adhd awareness training and tailor-made workshops. I work both independently and as an associate for various autism charities. Highly interactive and engaging by providing insights and strategies that inform people living with or working with those with Neurodiversity. The workshops are tailored to suit the interests and knowledge base of the delegates attending. Typically the training is co-delivered with people on the autism spectrum or with adhd
Keynote speaker. Working with: Parents/ Teachers/ Education employees / GP practices/ Medical & Health professionals/ Psychotherapists / Counselors/ Social workers/ Residential support workers/ Criminal justice personnel/ Ministers /Employers.
To help employers and organisations with their diversity and inclusion agenda, specifically with regards to Neurodiversity. To creatively engage with business in recruitment, retention and harnessing the potential of the Neurodiverse talent pool.
Autism at its core is a social and communication difference and as such difficulties do arise. Mediation and interpretation can provide a necessary bridge to finding the best outcome for all parties.


Workshops and short courses:

  • Social understanding
  • Conversational skills and communication
  • Understanding Relationships
  • Being part of a Neurodiverse couple
  • Intimacy and sexual understanding
  • How to make friends
  • Employability- helping the individual improve their employability and be more successful in the workplace
  • Understanding the Neurotypical
  • Understanding my Autism
  • Understanding my ADHD
  • Understanding my emotions
  • Understanding my sensory profile
  • Neurodiversity and Anxiety
  • Neurodiversity and self-harm
  • Impact of Autism on the family
  • Managing University life
  • Understanding Autistic Females
  • Working with Neurodiverse people