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The Approach is based on listening to client experiences for over 20 years. Diversity warrants both creativity and the use of ‘tried and tested’ models.

The Approach:

The ‘dignity of difference’ ensures a confidential, supportive and safe space from which to explore a client’s unique perspective and experience. This approach enables individuals to better understand themselves, their life experience and other people. The aim is to achieve more contentment, to become more productive, happier, enriched and enjoy an improved future.


We work holistically by engaging with your experiences and environment to enable you to do things ‘your way’. We identify and build upon strengths and we develop skills and strategies to cope with difficulties. This approach starts to develop purpose and meaning where it is needed and enables active participation and the opportunity to take control to live a more fulfilling and rewarding life.


With client consent, we engage (where appropriate) with parents, spouse/partner, friends & family to build a complete picture. Also when relevant we engage with Employers, Social services, Mental health services, Education establishments, Support workers and the Criminal justice system. This inclusive systemic approach creates a supportive environment whereby the ‘people’ around the client can learn and make adjustments and modifications to enable a more effective situation.